Friday, May 31, 2013

Queer Etsy Team Challenge: PRIDE

June is LGBT Pride month and it seemed only fitting that the theme for this month be

So I asked our talented team members to, "Show Us What You GOT!"  And boooyyyy, did they step up!  Check these goodies out...

Felted Soap-Pride Rosemary Mint Bear Paw and Queer X-men Notebook- Metallic Block Print Pride
from OneTrueMango

So Gay Rainbow Pride Stamped Pendant and Rainbow Pride Cross Necklace
from LaughingFoxShop

Embroidered Pride sweatshirt - Love is Love and Embroidered T-Shirt - Straight but not narrow
from Mspillane

Rainbow Moms Lesbian Parents Printable, Personalized Baby Shower Invitation
and Two Moms Having a Baby Boy - Personalized, Printable Little Man Baby Shower Invitation
from EventsYouCanPrint

(Click through to see this work of art in its entirity!  We can only show a teaser here... ~_^ )
OOAK Lesbian Erotic Poetry Upcycled Vintage Paper Collage Art Adult Mature Audiences
from underwoodestates

LGBTQ lesbian gay trans rainbow pride wristband cuff - butch pride bracelet
and bisexual pansexual GENDERQUEER pride friendship bracelet
from ExistentialElla

Rainbow Lollipop Earrings and Rainbow Swirl Barrette by Maddie
from PansiesForThought

Rainbow Arm Warmers and Rainbow Hat With Bill
from AGiftOfSerenity

Rainbow Chainmaille Bracelet and Gay Pride Dangle Earrings
from aDORYble

Rainbow of Heart Crayons and Heart Crayons
from LeRayLynnCrafts

LGBT Rainbow Dangle Earrings
from JRollendzShop

Have A Gay Day: Feminist Sticker Set (Rainbow)
from FabulouslyFeminist

Chainmaille bracelet - Double Rainbow Byzantine mini-cuff chain mail bracelet, LGBT double chain design
and Chainmaille bracelet - Double wrap Rainbow Pride Byzantine chain bracelet
from ChainedUpGirl

Half Persian Chainmaille Necklace and Mobius Knot Bracelet, ADJUSTABLE
from Gibbtall

Male "heart" Male or Female "heart" Female in vinyl
from ASignofDesign

Rainbow Twist Polymer Clay Ring
from FaerieGardenFancies

LGBT PRIDE Shadowbox Celebrating The Colors & Meaning Of The Gay Pride Flag
from steamshady

And here's a treasury including some of the lovelies above.  Click through and spread the love!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Challenge: Count Your Blessings

The holidays are an ├╝ber busy time for us entrepreneurs, so this challenge will cover November AND December.  And at this time when the media seems to hype us all up about what we want, when we really need to be thinking about what we already have, the theme of this challenge is COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.  I think everyone did a great job interpreting the theme...

Our first two items come from Jen at FallCode.  She says, "With the fingers free, you can count your blessings much easier. :)"

Womens Wrist Warmers Fingerless Mittens - Vegan Friendly - Really Red (Made To Order)

Womens Wrist Warmers Fingerless Mittens - Vegan Friendly - Electric Neon Blue (Made To Order)

Our next comes from Dennis at PridefulThings who explains, "My entry to the Count Your Blessings relates to the most recent "Spirit Day". I was thinking about how grateful I am to have had the support from friends and family as I embraced who I am as a human being. I wanted to create something that would offer support to those who have been bullied for their LGBTQ identity and for those who want to show their support of those who have been bullied. Spirit Day's name and color scheme are drawn from the purple stripe of the iconic gay-pride Rainbow Flag where purple represent "spirit"."

A Celebration of Spirit - Paracord Bracelet

He adds that you can get free shipping during November with the coupon code: FREELOVE.

The next item is from OneTrueMango who shares, "Every year my family and family friends get together for Beachikah (aka Hannukah at the Beach when the Rates are Low For The Off Season). It is the most peaceful and happy time of the year. I am grateful for this time with loved ones, and that there are still places of natural beauty to enjoy."

Starfish apothecary jar aquarium felted

Giani from Galleria di Giani made me cry when he posted this: "The biggest blessing any of us ever gets is time.  Time to live, time to love, time to share, time to exist.  So what better ways to signify that concept than with a timepiece.  This is the first of my wristwatch/bracelet sets."

Wristwatch and Bracelet Set - White Crystal Pearls and Clear Crystals

Lisa from ellepaisley says, "As I am a steampunk artist, naturally the theme resonates with me as time. I love that in steampunk culture time can stand still and move backwards and forwards as it pleases."

Steampunk mermaid earrings

Steampunk bracelet

She adds, "I will be having a surprise sale during black friday through cyber monday for fans and followers! (EllePaisley on fb) <3" Mariana from Livingatnight explained her entry: "Our blessings as the light of day in Winter Solstice. Even if we can't see the light, we feel it, and as much as we need the gift of darkness we also clamor for daylight. In these totally messed up times I wish for an end to bombing and destruction. We need more heart, not bombs <3."

Count Your Blessings Blue Apatite and Moonstone Vermeil Necklace Free Shipping

And our last (but not least!) two beautiful pieces from Vee at vee41dmb, who says, "I am thankful for all those I love and whom love me."

Mixed Metal Cherish Necklace

Swarovski Heart Red Crimson Siam Earrings CIJ

She also wants to let you know that until Monday you can get HALF OFF EVERYTHING in BOTH her shops! (VeryVee & VeeStitches) with the COUPON CODE: SHOPNOW

Best wishes to all our readers for a very happy Thanksgiving and a warm & prosperous holiday season.  ♥♥♥

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LGBT History Month: Society for Human Rights

Image Source

The Society for Human Rights was the first gay rights organization in the United States.  It was established in 1924 in Chicago by Henry Gerber who was inspired to create it by German Doctor Magnus Hirschfeld's work with the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee.

Its goals as outlined on their application for charter as a non-profit organization in Illinois, were:
[T]o promote and protect the interests of people who by reasons of mental and physical abnormalities are abused and hindered in the legal pursuit of happiness which is guaranteed them by the Declaration of Independence and to combat the public prejudices against them by dissemination of factors according to modern science among intellectuals of mature age. The Society stands only for law and order; it is in harmony with any and all general laws insofar as they protect the rights of others, and does in no manner recommend any acts in violation of present laws nor advocate any manner inimical to the public welfare. (
The Society's newsletter, Friendship and Freedom, was the first LGBT publication in the US although few members wanted it mailed to them as they were considered obscene materials and illegal to mail until 1958 when the Supreme Court ruled that homosexual content did not automatically imply obscene materials.  Only two issues were ever produced.

A few months after being chartered, the group dismantled when several members were arrested.  Despite its small numbers and short existence, the Society for Human Rights was the precursor to today's LGBT Rights Movement.


Also this month:

~ October is also National Bullying Prevention Month.

~ October 10th was Unity Day; wear orange to show your support and remind others about the importance of bullying prevention.

~ October 11th was National Coming Out Day when we celebrate coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or as an ally. See the Human Rights Campaign website for resources on coming out.

~ October 19th is Spirit Day; wear purple on this day to support LGBT youth & stand up against bullying.