Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Queer Team Knows "It's Not Easy Being Green", but our talented members were definitely up for interpreting this verdant hue for this month's installment of the Rainbow Themed Team Challenge.

What better way to start things off than with our own amphibious homage to the words that Kermit the Frog once sang in the above mentioned classic? CrowBirdieBeads brings us a trio of tiny glass toads who's lovely shade of swamp grass would make even Kermit green with envy.

When you're romp through the swamp has ended, you may feel inclined to wander while wearing this lovely "Tuscany in Autumn" eyeglasses holder crafted by Gilliauna,"reminiscent of olive picking in Tuscany".

If you find yourself craving the salty snack, help yourself to this adorable bookmark made by BunnyKissd. "Use this fruity, tongue in cheek bookmark to mark your place in your next read, or send that special someone a pun-ish(ing) reminder of your unique love."

Or you may prefer to adorn your ears with these graceful earrings made by Paper Demon Jewelry paying homage to windswept trees.
These "three dimensional brass leaves sway against a subtle background of olive green washi paper."

Ramshackle Studio presents us with a uniquely beautiful interpretation of the wild wood with this "handmade, one of a kind, wood pendant [which] features a piece of tumbled Tiger's Eye and brass accents inset into Lignum Vitae".

The classic design of this Kambaba jasper, onyx and sterling silver necklace made by Galleria Di Giani, will transport you from the sun-kissed orchards of Tuscany to cool, deep green forests far in the hill. Versatile enough to pair with varied looks, this piece will prove when worn that "you are someone to be reckoned with."

Reinforce your bold fashion statement with these glamorous Crystazzi Tormaline and Silver Chandelier Earrings by Elle's Beads, "perfect for a night out, semi-formal wear, and formal wear."

Enjoy complete immersion in nature's peaceful hues with this gorgeous Good Luck Green Aventurine Stretch Bracelet by Mike's Hemps Bracelets.

What better way to tote all your emerald treasures than in this chic Green Plaid Hip Zip bag by fiberista nora? This durable bag has "two fully lined pockets and is large enough to carry all your basic necessities."

Make sure to give hearty thanks to Mother Nature for your bountiful beryl-toned booty! This gorgeous Lady of the Green Statue by Greenman Designs is sure to recall nature's hues with much happiness, regardless of where she resides.

Be sure to visit our gorgeous green etsy treasury and stay tuned for next month's BLUE bonanza!