Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Here we are in a new month!  The merry, merry month of May!  Our team members have busily worked all throughout April to come up with some new pieces to meet our challenge:  How Does Your Garden Grow?  And, oh, how colorful our gardens grow!

In bursts of luscious purple!

Anemone Print

by Greenman Designs

With leering green skulls and pale purple tulips...

Purple tulip skull earrings

by Arena Creative

With purple peonies all in a row!

Original Fabric Purple Peony half yard

by Feathered Nest Studio

With Lonely Hearts & Shrinking Violets...

Handpainted Teapot - Lonely Hearts & Shrinking Violets

by Queen of Queens

With swirls of vibrant rainbow!

Rainbow storm swirled tie dye colors lampwork glass focal bead

by Crowbirdie Beads

And with waiting faeries...

The flower faerie - Original Painting

by Catbird Craft

Be sure to check out the treasury filled with more garden goodies from our creative team!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spotlight on KnittiGritti

What sorts of things do you offer in your shop? Hand knit accessories (scarves,hats, belts, etc), many of which are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind

How did you first start selling on Etsy? How long have you been selling? Do you sell anywhere else? 1) I actually discovered Etsy through the Queer Team! Do you guys remember the article that Curve Magazine did about a year ago, where some of you were interviewed - I thought it was awesome, and found Etsy.com and YOU because of it!!! 2) I've been selling for almost a year now - I began last summer, just knitting on my own, but then my co-workers liked my designs so much, they began placing orders left and right, and I moved to Etsy for more visibility (and have met some great people along the way!). 3) I still get face to face orders, but always direct them to make their payments thru Etsy - to keep things organized for me.

BABY DIVA SET - Super Snuggly and Stylish Infant to Toddler Sized Cashmere Wool Hat and Scarf Set

What are your favorite materials to work with? I love all sorts of different materials/textures - but my fave is when I have the opportunity to incorporate woven fabric into my knits - it always gives an edgier Knitti -er Gritti -er look (lol)

What got you interested in your craft? I come from a very creative family and have always loved clothing, accessories, and putting my own spin on things - I just wonder what it will evolve into next!

POM POM DAIQUIRI - Shimmery Summer Wrap

Are there other creative projects you are involved in outside of your work in your Etsy shop? Everything I do ends up i my Etsy shop :)

Besides art/crafty stuff, what else do you like doing in your free time? Running around after my 3 kids, my lovely lady, and our 2 dogs. Plus I work full time in the banking field.

KISS ME, I'M IRISH - Glistening Green Rainbows Extra Long Medium Weight Spring Scarf

Does your queer identity come into play in your work? Hmm.. thats an interesting question. I wouldn't say in any OBVIOUS way - While anyone who knows me or reads my profile is made accessible to the fact that I am a Knitting Lesbian (lol) I don't have any rainbow patches on the brim of my hat or the trim of my scarves *wink* Maybe if we wanted to fit a stereotype, we could say that the bright "flamboyant* colors I use are a dead giveaway - but I think that would be kinda silly....

The ROXIE Over-Sized Hat: Refurbish Your Favorite Old Clothes

Is there any advice you have for our readers? Do what you love, take risks, and ENJOY YOURSELF!

You can also find KnittiGritti on facebook!