Saturday, January 14, 2012

Light in the Darkness

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest night of the year has passed and along with it, all the holidays and celebration times, and now comes the time of darkness and cold, as we wait for the longer, warmer days of summer.  Our latest challenge reflects that time, our search for the Light in the Darkness.

First, a little something "light" to keep you warm through those long "dark" winter nights...

Gorgeous Angora cowl

by laprincessa

A beautiful beaded eyeglass chain of light and dark...

Eyeglass Chain Beaded in Gray, Black and Silver - Mist and Mystery

by Gilliauna

Create your own light in the darkness with this unique votive holder...

Ruby red votive luminary

by CrabtreeCeramics

The story of this necklace, with a light to shine in the darkness and a heart to bring us all closer together, is truly a light in the darkness...

Atacama Desert Handcrafted Copper Pendant

by Livingatnight

A message of love written with a Light in the Darkness, the planet Venus...

I Love You photographic fine art print venus sky writing

by catbirdcraft

The spectrum of light surrounded by the darkness...

Rainbow Bracelet - Aluminum chainmaille

by PridemailleDesigns

My favorite light in the darkness, the sparkling face of the moon...

Misuki, Beautiful Moon (pendant, pin, or magnet)

by FaerieGardenFancies

And out of the darkness of ashes & death rises the flaming light of the phoenix...

Firebird Phoenix Lampwork Glass Orange and Yellow Flames Encased Bird Focal Bead

by CrowbirdieBeads

And here's a treasury including the lovelies above, and some other member listings that fit the theme!