Monday, December 20, 2010

November Challenge Entries!

Whew!  These almost got lost in the mad holiday rush that took over our crazed minds at Thanksgiving!  But nevertheless, here they are in all their colorful glory!

The theme of the challenge was RAINBOW, wrapping up our headlong jump into the "Challenge" waters.

And our first entry reflects the watery side of the rainbow:

Six Stone Bangle in Sterling Silver - Peridot, Amethyst, Blue Onyx

by BowersStudio

Next we have a shiny crystal bracelet displaying all the colors of our pride:

Rainbow Bright

by CrystalGypsy

Then see your pride everywhere with these rainbow jeweled glasses:

Don't Hide your Pride

by TheCutestDamnBowShop

Rainbow jade sets off the honey jade and bronze in this lovely necklace:

Gemstone Necklace in Jade and Bronze. Seasons Change Meditation Beads.

by Gilliauna

The juicy rainbow colors of this original watercolor reflect the spirit within us all:

The Colored Man

by GreenManDesigns

Then it's time to let your pride show with this fabulous watch:

Rainbow watch

by ChelsDesigns

Then stick a rainbow swirl anywhere with these swirled hemp magnets:

Two Rainbow Hemp Magnet Set

by MikesHempBracelets

And finally my own late entry:

Bunny on a Rainbow Dream Bookmark

by BunnyKissd

Last Call for Holiday Gifts!

Come and see all the holiday goodies our team has to offer! Perfect for gift giving or keeping for yourself!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Feathered Nest Studio is having a special for Queer Etsy Street Team supporters! Just enter coupon code "QueerTeam15" at checkout and save 15% off anything in the shop until January 1st! Just posted new otter and robin Stuffies; more to come!

Friday, November 26, 2010


The Queer Team has been featured online twice recently! Click the links and learn more about us!

First up, a piece about what it means to grow up different, how difficult it can be at times...and how art and creativity have helped.

Next up, stop on by
for some great holidaze shopping ideas!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Queer Team Shop will be offering a special coupon code for Queer Team Facebook fans this weekend! Good for a special discount Nov. 26th-Nov.29th only! Take advantage of our free shipping and help us raise loot for the Trevor Project!

Every cent we make, we donate! ♥

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deep Purple Queer Team Dreams

In our final installment of our monthly colors of the rainbow challenge, the Queer team delves deep into hues of vibrant violet where we reveal the stuff of dreams...

Wishing upon a star has never been easier than with this juicy purple hemp necklace by Hemp Helpers featuring a lovely shooting star pendant in metal and glass.

Sometimes slumber can be a little spooky, so let the spirits know you're onto their game with this sweet ornament by Faerie Garden Fancies.

If every monster in the closet was as cute as this creepy cupcake magnet by SB Design we'd all want to keep a surplus around for midnight snacking.

A truly inspiring dream can help us realize our true potential for becoming who we are. This ethereal hand painted card by Emma's Destiny will remind someone you love to always be true to that ideal.

This lovely Washi Paper pendant by Paper Demon Jewelry evokes the rhythms of a calming mandala both with it's translucence and it's figure eight frame. A perfect accoutrement for any dream-like or meditative state.

Keep your potions handy in this gorgeous Amethyst pendant by Galleria Di Giani. Perfect for awakening a beautiful dreamer or soothing the savage beast back to sleep.

You're guaranteed to create even more magic while wearing these fantastic amethyst and silver earrings by Bowers Studio. Sophisticated yet playful and the perfect accessory for any ensemble, day or night.

Dreams often lead us in the right direction. This beautiful wooden puzzle piece by Ramshackle Studio is a profound reminder of which path to take in the waking world.

This adorable bookmark by Feathered Nest Studio will certainly assure you peaceful dreams when seeing it placed on the pages of your book before bed.

The flash of a fish swimming in the sea can seem as if we've just seen a waking dream. Crow Birdie Beads stunning glass sparkle fish makes that dream come true.

And finally, for more rollicking fun when the sandman comes, this chic and urban necklace by Les Garcons Flamands says it all either figuratively or literally, depending upon your mood.

The Queer Team hopes our challenge has filled your head with sugar plum dreams and purple passion. Tune in next time when we wrap up our multi-hued theme with all the colors of the RAINBOW.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

You Just Need To.

By John Tozzi of Galleria di Giani

October 11 is National Coming Out Day. This year, it feels like there will be a shadow over the day, due to all the recent tragic suicides that have befallen our community.

Taylor Clementi

Asher Brown

Seth Walsh

Justin Aaberg

Raymond Chase

Billy Lucas

You will all be missed.

I am a 45 year old gay man. For those of you not versed enough to do the math and understand, I came out at 22, in the mid 1980’s, when the world was first gripped by the AIDS scare. It was not an easy time to come out. Just hearing the word “gay” made people recoil, afraid they would catch something. It was not an easy time for me. But then again, my teens were no picnic either, for so many reasons.

I was bullied for being smart.
I was bullied for wearing glasses.
I was bullied for being fat.
I was bullied because I was not particularly good at most sports.
I was bullied because I hung out with girls at school most of the time.

Yeah, I had it pretty bad.

I would get pushed against the lockers. I would have my books knocked out of my hands and kicked down the hall. I would have things taken from me while the bullies played “keep away”.

I endured taunts of “four eyes!”, and “fatty fatty two by four, can’t fit through the classroom door” and “sissy” and “brainiac” and “poindexter”. Thankfully, since Glee wasn’t on back then, I never had to endure the slurpee in the face.

It was probably the only taunt I was ever spared.

Because it is important to me to reach out to each and every one of you today, I am going to do something I never in my life thought I would do. I am going to tell you something I have kept secret for over 30 years. I have never shared this story with anyone at all, ever, but I am about to share it with you today. That is how important this topic is to me.

When I was in junior high, because I was fat, I had those breasts that fat kids get. Since it was junior high school, most of the girls hadn’t got theirs yet, but there were mine, plain as day. There was one guy, named Jo Jo, who used to grab them whenever he saw me in the hallway. Oh yes, as if all the verbal taunts and teases and physical abuse weren’t enough, I also had to endure sexual harassment as well.

As you can tell, my teenage years were kinda sucky.

And to those of you wondering, yes, I did contemplate suicide. I had two very long, difficult nights a couple of years apart, where those thoughts consumed me.

Thankfully, I didn’t go through with it either time.

I am not telling you this to make you feel bad for me, or to pity me, or to win some “my teen years were worse than yours” contest. I am telling you all of this for the best possible reason.

I am now a 45 year old man.

I survived it all.

I survive it still.

Yes, it is obviously still all a part of who I am. But it is not the biggest part of who I am. It is in me, but it does not consume me. Yes, I still live with it, but I still live.

I have a happy life, finally. It took me a while. I had to make some difficult choices in my life, but I did it. I moved away from a backwards thinking town and never went back. I fled to a better place, to a more accepting place. Here, I can be free to be open, to be honest, to be exactly who I am, and to feel the love of good friends, and a good partner. And I don’t have to apologize for it, fear it, or hide it.

I deserve these things.

You know what, so do you.

When I was a teen, gays had virtually no rights at all. We could be fired, we could be denied services. Just twenty years later, we can legally marry in several states. We are getting closer to being able to open serve in the military. Many cities, counties and states have us as a protected class in their equal opportunity laws.

Take it from one who knows, the fear, the self loathing, the abuse, yes, it all feels bad. But it is nowhere near as strong as the power you feel when you can hold someone you love in your arms, and hear them tell you they love you. It will happen. You just need to stay around to see it.

Someday, the whole country will allow us to legally marry. It is coming. You just need to stay around to see it.

Someday soon, we will be able to openly serve in the military. You just need to stay around to see it.

And, most importantly, twenty years from now, it will be YOUR turn to pass on your survival stories to the next generation, so that they can know. You just need to stay around to do it.

You just need to stay around.

You just need to.

John Tozzi is a fine art photographer and jewelry designer.
Please visit his website at:
You may also visit his etsy shop at:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No More Blue Mondays!

The Queer Team Rainbow challenge is drawing nigh to the last hues in the spectrum. The notion that our colorful cavalcade is coming to a close has given us all a bad case of the blues and we thought we'd share them with you...

This elegant floral eyeglasses holder by Bits 'n Beads by Gilliauna will ensure you never misplace your specs again, lest it's lovely hibiscus blooms leave your sight.

While your vision is clear, make sure to send someone you love an adorable, printable pdf postcard by Feathered Nest Studio, as one team member quipped, "They'll have you at Hello". ;)

After all that writing let the world know you need a cookie break with Faerie Garden Fancies outrageously cute Cookie Monster ring.

Everyone knows that nothing goes better with cookies than a perfectly brewed tea. Make yours in this whimsical hand painted tea pot with Sea Dragon motif by QueenofQueens.

Keep your quill handy in something befitting the beauty of your prose. This gorgeous pencil case by Fiberista Nora fits the bill swimmingly.

Galleria di Giani's stunning Lapis and Biwa pearl necklace is a showstopper sure to entrance anyone whose eye it catches.

These glittery note cards by Emma's Destiny set a sweet, contemporary tone for any thank you or invitation.

Intricate knotwork frames a spectacular flower in Hemp Helpers naturally appealing Blue Hemp Necklace.

Stars will certainly sparkle in your eyes when they fall upon this magical Shattuckite pendant made by Bowers Studio.

You're certain to bid Blue Mondays adieu while wearing this incredible wooden bangle by Ramshackle Studio, the beauty of which resembles earth from a cosmic vantage point.

If the peaceful hues of sky and sea have sparked your generosity, Paper Demon Jewelry's
incredibly alluring Chiyogami Necklace comes in a matching tin for gifting.

That brings us to the end of out beautiful blue challenge, be sure to stop by next month when we interpret all things purple for your pleasure.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Queer Team Knows "It's Not Easy Being Green", but our talented members were definitely up for interpreting this verdant hue for this month's installment of the Rainbow Themed Team Challenge.

What better way to start things off than with our own amphibious homage to the words that Kermit the Frog once sang in the above mentioned classic? CrowBirdieBeads brings us a trio of tiny glass toads who's lovely shade of swamp grass would make even Kermit green with envy.

When you're romp through the swamp has ended, you may feel inclined to wander while wearing this lovely "Tuscany in Autumn" eyeglasses holder crafted by Gilliauna,"reminiscent of olive picking in Tuscany".

If you find yourself craving the salty snack, help yourself to this adorable bookmark made by BunnyKissd. "Use this fruity, tongue in cheek bookmark to mark your place in your next read, or send that special someone a pun-ish(ing) reminder of your unique love."

Or you may prefer to adorn your ears with these graceful earrings made by Paper Demon Jewelry paying homage to windswept trees.
These "three dimensional brass leaves sway against a subtle background of olive green washi paper."

Ramshackle Studio presents us with a uniquely beautiful interpretation of the wild wood with this "handmade, one of a kind, wood pendant [which] features a piece of tumbled Tiger's Eye and brass accents inset into Lignum Vitae".

The classic design of this Kambaba jasper, onyx and sterling silver necklace made by Galleria Di Giani, will transport you from the sun-kissed orchards of Tuscany to cool, deep green forests far in the hill. Versatile enough to pair with varied looks, this piece will prove when worn that "you are someone to be reckoned with."

Reinforce your bold fashion statement with these glamorous Crystazzi Tormaline and Silver Chandelier Earrings by Elle's Beads, "perfect for a night out, semi-formal wear, and formal wear."

Enjoy complete immersion in nature's peaceful hues with this gorgeous Good Luck Green Aventurine Stretch Bracelet by Mike's Hemps Bracelets.

What better way to tote all your emerald treasures than in this chic Green Plaid Hip Zip bag by fiberista nora? This durable bag has "two fully lined pockets and is large enough to carry all your basic necessities."

Make sure to give hearty thanks to Mother Nature for your bountiful beryl-toned booty! This gorgeous Lady of the Green Statue by Greenman Designs is sure to recall nature's hues with much happiness, regardless of where she resides.

Be sure to visit our gorgeous green etsy treasury and stay tuned for next month's BLUE bonanza!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Team Challenge | Yellow!

As this month's installment of the "Colors of the Rainbow" series of our monthly team challenges, the Queer Team joined forces to create yet another stunning collection of handmade goodies; this time in yellow!

First up, we have this super funky Yellow Geometric Adjustable Beaded Ring from ellesbeads. Made with yellow cylindrical Czech glass beads which are individually attached to the loop with silver-plated headpins, this ring is then finished off with white craft wire around the base to keep the beads in place. Cute and adjustable, this ring is a great complement to your casual outfit.
RamshackleStudio graces us with this striking Handmade, Carved, Wood Pendant (Round and Round). Measuring approximately 2 1/2" x 1 1/2 " x 3/4", this pendant is handcarved and then sanded, oiled, dried, sanded again, buffed, and waxed to a glorious finish. Prepare to be amazed at the quality and character of this piece.

MikesHempBracelets offers us this beautiful Lemon Drop Aragonite Stone Stretch Bracelet. Measuring approximately six inches in length, this bracelet is crafted out of Aragonite stones which are said to boost self-confidence and energy. This is a great accessory to brighten up your day!

Lemon Drop Aragonite Stone Stretch Bracelet

From Gilliauna we have a Bumble Bee Yellow Eyeglass Chain. This gorgeous (yet functional) eyeglass chain is made from sunny yellow and white polkadot beads combined on a black shimmering cord of seed beads with silver plated accents. Show off your sense of style while keeping your eyeglasses easily in reach with this decorative time-saver.

This Set of 3 Blank Nature Note Cards by BunnyKissd features candid shots of a goldfinch, a wild rose and a feather. Featuring the breathtaking original photography of Diana "BunnyKissd" Bukowski, these handmade blank note cards measure approximately 4 1/4" x 5 5/8" and are signed and dated on the back with a matching envelope.

GalleriaDiGiani certainly knows how to add a little sunshine to your day, so he's cooked up this fun Black Eyed Susan Glass Bead Necklace and Earrings Set. Made using large (14mm) glass beads, this set is big and bright and will definitely be noticed. The necklace measures approximately 18 inches and the earrings are about 1 inch from top of beads to bottom of beads.

Speaking of sunshine, featheredneststudio definitely beckons the rays with this bright and cheery set of You are My Sunshine pack of two greeting cards. A part of featheredneststudio's newest line of cards called "be happy, be yourself", this two-pack is the perfect way to let someone know they are the reason you smile. Each card is a high quality print of an original illustration and arrives in archival packaging to keep them looking pretty.

For a simplistic look that goes great with any outfit, check out this Yellow Hemp Clip Necklace with Shell and Wood Beads by HempHelpers. This alternating necklace is made out of yellow hemp, natural hemp, white shell beads and brown wooden beads. Measuring nineteen inches in length and secured with an alligator clip, this necklace is sure to help you embrace your inner hippie.

Here we have this gorgeous piece from PaperDemonJewelry who's unique treasures are so hot right now that her submission SOLD at market while this post was being composed. Click here to check out the PaperDemonJewelry shop for items still available for sale.

Treat yourself to the scent of the tropics with these Pineapple Coconut Sugar Scrub Cubes by HeathensHearth. 100% paraben and pthalate free, this soap/scrub cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes.