Monday, December 20, 2010

November Challenge Entries!

Whew!  These almost got lost in the mad holiday rush that took over our crazed minds at Thanksgiving!  But nevertheless, here they are in all their colorful glory!

The theme of the challenge was RAINBOW, wrapping up our headlong jump into the "Challenge" waters.

And our first entry reflects the watery side of the rainbow:

Six Stone Bangle in Sterling Silver - Peridot, Amethyst, Blue Onyx

by BowersStudio

Next we have a shiny crystal bracelet displaying all the colors of our pride:

Rainbow Bright

by CrystalGypsy

Then see your pride everywhere with these rainbow jeweled glasses:

Don't Hide your Pride

by TheCutestDamnBowShop

Rainbow jade sets off the honey jade and bronze in this lovely necklace:

Gemstone Necklace in Jade and Bronze. Seasons Change Meditation Beads.

by Gilliauna

The juicy rainbow colors of this original watercolor reflect the spirit within us all:

The Colored Man

by GreenManDesigns

Then it's time to let your pride show with this fabulous watch:

Rainbow watch

by ChelsDesigns

Then stick a rainbow swirl anywhere with these swirled hemp magnets:

Two Rainbow Hemp Magnet Set

by MikesHempBracelets

And finally my own late entry:

Bunny on a Rainbow Dream Bookmark

by BunnyKissd

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