Saturday, July 2, 2011

Spotlight on ideology

Welcome to another Queer Etsy Street Team member interview. This time, we shine our Spotlight on...

What sorts of things do you offer in your shop? I offer handmade jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.

How did you first start selling on Etsy? How long have you been selling? Do you sell anywhere else? I first starting selling on Etsy and selling my handcrafted jewelry in general in October 2010. Etsy is my primary source for selling my items, but I also sell outside of the Internet through word of mouth, as well. You can keep posted on my shop and any other places I may sell via my Facebook Fan Page at and the ideology Twitter account at

Light Violet and Dark Purple Pendant Necklace

What are your favorite materials to work with? I love working with semi-precious gemstones, crystals, and handcrafted glass beads.

What got you interested in your craft? I have always been interested in creating jewelry and have done so as a hobby for quite some time before beginning to sell my creations. I love how jewelry can work for people of all ages to express their individuality.

Green & Blue Amazonite Semi-precious Gemstone Earrings

Are there other creative projects you are involved in outside of your work in your Etsy shop? In addition to my Etsy shop, I also paint, draw, write, and bake (often vegan) and enjoy being creative in any way possible in my life.

Besides art/crafty stuff, what else do you like doing in your free time? I also enjoy going to see live music, support local artists and artisans, go to festivals, learn about different cultures and subcultures, and spend time with my family, friends, and animal companions.

Does your queer identity come into play in your work? In part because of my queer identity, I consider myself very open-minded and accepting of various lifestyles and living situations. I consider my shop open to all people and am always open to suggestions, advice, and comments.

Rainbow and Black Handcrafted Glass Beaded Bracelet

Is there any advice you have for our readers? Explore your creativity in any way you can - however small or large - and use it for the better good in any way you can. :)


ideology said...

Thank you so much for featuring my shop! :)

Michelley said...

Great interview! Your jewelry is so lovely. All the natural stones you use remind me of candy. :)