Sunday, September 16, 2012

September Challenge: Back to School

♫ ♪ It's time to go back, back, back to school again!
It's bye, bye fun; get your homework done!
You better be in by ten!
Cuz it's time to go back, back, back to school again!
Whoa, whoa, you gotta go, back to school again... ♪ ♫

And so ends my song & dance routine... I am sure you all remember that song from Grease 2, right?  Michelle Pfeiffer plays a bad girl Pink Lady falling in love with the mysterious motorcycle rider who turned out to be smartie-pants new boy in school, played by Michael Carrington... No?  I'm the only one who memorized the songs?  Fine...  Moving on... XD

As you may have guessed, our theme this month has been Back to School, and it was apparently a tough one!  So please give a round of applause for those who rose to the challenge and gave us these awesome pieces...

Here's the perfect back to school hat for guys OR girls!

Man guy cable hat beanie - rust orange pumpkin

from laprincessa

And here is reading material definitely useful for any English Lit class...

Ralph Waldo Emerson - The Collected Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson Nature, Addresses, and Lectures

from DragonfishAntiquity

Here is a bracelet set that would be cool for going back to school-- for her and her, or him and him, or her and him....

Back to School Leather Bracelet Set with silver moon charm and blue carved stone knot

from Livingatnight

Everybody needs a little Judith Butler when getting back to classes.

Judith Butler, from the series The Life and Times of Butch Dykes

from BandDPress

And it wouldn't be back to school without an apple for the teacher - and a bookmark for the student!

A is for Apple Bunny Rabbit Bookmark

from FaerieGardenFancies

And please don't forget that we're sharing out own School Stories every Saturday this month, and throughout October, National LGBTQ History Month, to help give some hope to Queer youth struggling to make it through another year...  You can find those stories under the tag "back to school".  Please feel free to share the link far & wide so that our message can reach those who most need to hear it...

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