Saturday, June 30, 2012

LGBT Love Story #5

This last LGBT Pride Month Love Story perfectly embodies the message I had hoped to convey by publishing these tales. It is written as a letter to me...

Dear Bunny,

I've been thinking about this and thinking about this. MJ and I - which story should I tell? The one about our commitment ceremony and how all but one of her relatives pretended we didn't exist, didn't show up, and didn't even return or acknowledge the invitations? How my own Sister-in-law had to seek spiritual counseling to figure out whether or not she could attend? She did, and she made the most gorgeous cupcakes for the event! Or what about the one where we drove down to DC to get it done legally? It was just MJ, myself, and the Clerk of the Court and all three of us were laughing and crying by the time the short ceremony was over. Or the ones that we write everyday when we meet a new store clerk, bank teller, neighbor or doctor? In rural Carroll County we are still a bit of a curiosity, but because of MJ by the time the meeting is over, however brief it may have been, the new people are smiling.

I suppose that this is our story then, short as it is. We love each other and three years later we're still going strong. Almost every day we "come out' to someone new and it is always a little bit scary because you really don't know how people are going to react. I'm very happy to say that even in our rural small town we may be greeted with suspicion or stares but so far when we leave it is with smiles and sometimes relief that we really aren't nearly as bad as some of the churches and media say we are.

I love our life together and I adore my Wife. We're building our tiny homestead here in Carroll County and we're planning on staying here as long as we possibly can. We have the best neighbors and a great little family that includes one Mother-in-Law, two cats, one border collie and four laying hens. It's perfect. Our Bramble Patch.

Lauren Bramble
CrowBirdie Beads

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Lisa said...

Love you all. Here's to another 30 years! You all are making a difference. Hopefully, within your lifetime, there will no longer be a need for you all to have to explain anything! <3