Saturday, August 18, 2012

August Challenge: Zombiepocalypse

Holy Undead, Batman!  This time we scared up a challenge so exciting, we've got tons of entries!  So hold on to your hat, and make sure you've got your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan in place, because the theme for this month is:

Zombie Horse uranium green Halloween pony lampwork glass animal focal bead SRA

from CrowbirdieBeads

Surrealistic Thanatomorphs Day of the Zombie Apocalypse QET Team Challenge Three Art Prints

from Livingatnight

Human Flesh Zombie Repellent Halloween Soap Vegan- PRESALE

from sevenscruples

Zombie Talisman #1: Carved Bone and Metal Link men's bracelet. Alternating gold and silver metal links create a rugged look

from Livingatnight

Zombie Talisman #2: Dark Jade Grenade Pendant. Mens Necklace with faceted jade beads and crystal silver pendant

from Livingatnight

Magical Menagerie Pendant - Zombie Bunny Rabbit

from FaerieGardenFancies

Fulci's "Zombi 2" Inspired Resin 3D Copper OOAK Pendant

from steamshady

George A Romero Inspired Day of the Dead Resin Pendant Featuring Opening Scene With Zombie Hands Crashing Through Wall

from steamshady

Steampunk Resident Evil Inspired Alice Umbrella Corporation Zombie Apocalypse Mixed Media Resin Copper Pendant

from steamshady

Zombie Apocalypse Copper Mixed Media Pendant

from steamshady

Steampunk Resident Evil Alice Umbrella Corporation Mixed Media Zombiepocolypse Copper & Resin Pendant

from steamshady

Zombie Squirrel Collectible Figurine Animal Original Horror Art

from TheMagicArtShop

Badge button I'm ready for the zombie apocalypse

from CatbirdCraft

And here's a treasury including the lovelies above, and some other member listings that fit the theme!