Sunday, October 7, 2012

LGBT History Month: Sheela Lambert

Image Source, edited by Diana *BunnyKissd* Bukowski

Sheela Lambert was born in 1956 in NYC and has been out as bi since 1972 when at 16, she first had feelings toward another woman.  She attended Beloit College where she was the only very visible & out girl on campus.  She was the only female member of the college's gay and bisexual group, who changed their name to include her, a task with which she's been contending with other gay and lesbian clubs through today by means of formal requests, petitions, and letter writing.

She is the founder of the Bi Writers Association and has written on topics surrounding bisexuality for LGBTQ America Today Encyclopedia, Huffington Post,, Curve Magazine, Gay & Lesbian Review,, and more.  She frequently does conferences on bisexuality and advocates against bisexual erasure, which is practice of ignoring, removing, or changing evidence of bisexuality in history and the media.  Her first book, Best Bi Short Stories, is due out this December.


Also this month:

~ October is also National Bullying Prevention Month.

~ October 10th is Unity Day; wear orange to show your support and remind others about the importance of bullying prevention.

~ October 11th is National Coming Out Day when we celebrate coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or as an ally. See the Human Rights Campaign website for resources on coming out.

~ October 19th is Spirit Day; wear purple on this day to support LGBT youth & stand up against bullying.

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